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Doug Krug, SUS


Doug’s third book, The Missing Piece in Leadership:

How to create the future you want is in its 3rd printing.


He has also co-authored two books, Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the HEART of Change and Leadership Made Simple.  Enlightened Leadership

reached 31 printings.


Doug served as part of the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University for 15 years. He also served as part of Executive Development Programs throughout the federal government.  This includes IRS, FBI, DEA, Veterans Affairs, Center for Disease Control, Secret Service, Office of Personnel Management, NASA, and Departments of Interior and Labor. 


Doug’s primary role is helping top executive teams create and sustain the focus and alignment essential to successfully deal with today’s most pressing leadership challenges.  


With a diverse career, Doug has proven skills for effectively creating powerful and sustainable organizational results. Through ‘entertrain-ment’, leaders discover their own answers for creating more of what they want.


Imagine the potential available when we unlearn the belief to keep trying harder and harder to do what keeps proving it doesn’t work.


The answers that we’re getting today are the result of the questions we’ve learned to ask!’


If there is one place that unlearning would have a major impact in our lives it’s leaving behind the belief that the first step in getting better is to find and fix what’s wrong, or not working.

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