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Personal Financial Wellness Planning

When our clients approach retirement, they often come to us asking, ‘Is this all there is?’
They thought achieving their financial goals
would feel more rewarding.

Choosing a fulfilling life is a radical act. All the best of your successes may not have prepared you to fulfill this next chapter of you and your family's lives. 


To look further into how to make your retirement the best time of your life, we've developed a Program

for you and your Financial Advisor to build a legacy for your family, a way to give back. 


The program is your



We're here to answer any questions you have.

Make contact - scroll to the  link at the top of this page. 


Build A Meaningful Retirement
Our work together sets you and your family on a path for your most rewarding life yet. 
Some of the benefits you'll receive. . .



What We Offer

We work with you and your financial advisor so you can create a retirement supported by your personal vision and values. We provide the blueprint so you can build a life of vibrance an fulfillment.


Define what a rewarding life means for you and your Family

You will know what kind of difference you can make with your wealth, to live a life that follows your vision for integrity of purpose through your values.


Your Life, A Living Legacy

Know how you want to be remembered, so you spend your financial wealth on long term wellbeing.


Time Affluence

"The big new challenge: how to spend time affluence. Retirees want to do more than keep busy; they want to be useful and find meaning through intrinsic reward."


Giving Back

"89% of Americans feel there should be more ways for retirees to use their talents and wisdom for the benefit of others."


A Living Mission That Flexes with Changing Circumstances

"81M American say the COVID pandemic has altered their retirement timing."

Air Pressure

 Start with Presence – how to be in the moment is the foundational tool to build a dynamic Purpose Statement. New possibilities become abundant when you let go of limiting beliefs.

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