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We do not train, nor do we consult, we are RESULTANTS – we facilitate your unique desired outcomes. In our 30 year track record of successes, we bring an all new level of awareness for the importance of, and need for... unLearning.

Even the best of what we've learned to do in the past has not prepared us for the unprecedented challenges we are facing today. Creating a future that you are figuring out as you move toward it compels an entirely different mindset than before.


We guide you and your people to discover for yourselves what it will take to continually refine your own process for assuring a successful and sustainable future.

Our Team

Doug Krug, SUS

There may be no place we are paying a higher price through stress and effort than in our own personal integrity.

Christine Kahane
Executive Coaching
Agile Culture Design™
Continuous Renewal



Our work is built to harness the best qualities, innate genius, and untapped resources within leaders.

Rocio del Pilar Duran
Enterprise Executive



A word is not just a dictionary construction,

it carries the whole understanding and culture from an individual.

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