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What you’ve been taught about the ‘right way’ to implement change in a business is not just outdated — it’s downright harmful to team culture.
You see, the traditional wisdom around making change looks something like this … 


Identify problem


Bring in expert to tell your people how to do their jobs better. 


Find outside expert with shiny new idea


Overcome all of the resistance caused by Steps 1, 2 and 3!

So it’s hardly surprising that change doesn’t stick — or that team members feel evermore discounted and disconnected!


Because this approach not only feeds a finger-pointing culture of blame and shame, focused on what’s broken and needs “fixing” …


It also completely dismisses the potential for quantum change that’s likely lying dormant right now, within existing employees!

But because it’s all most of us know, we just keep doing it — trying harder and harder, at what isn’t working! (Isn’t that the definition of insanity …?!)


On the other hand, imagine the potential we can unleash, when we …


• UNLEARN the hidden, driving belief that the way to get better is to find and fix what’s “wrong” …


• stop pointing fingers, and AWAKEN to the collective co-intelligence that’s waiting, within our people right now …


• no longer rely on tired, conditioned patterns that simply aren’t working, and instead OPEN to wonder, trust and connection.

Let's Unlearn It!





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