Doug Krug

Christine Kahane

Rocio del Pilar Duran

Jeff Clinchard


Doug’s third book, The Missing Piece in Leadership: How to create the future you want is in its 3rd printing.


He has also co-authored two books, Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the HEART of Change and Leadership Made Simple.  Enlightened Leadership reached 31 printings.

Doug served as part of the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University for 15 years. He also served as part of Executive Development Programs throughout the federal government. This includes IRS, FBI, DEA, Veterans Affairs, Center for Disease Control, Secret Service, Office of Personnel Management, NASA, and Departments of Interior and Labor.

Doug’s primary role is helping top executive teams create and sustain the focus and alignment essential to successfully deal with today’s most pressing leadership challenges.  


With a diverse career, Doug has proven skills for effectively creating powerful and sustainable organizational results. Through ‘entertrain-ment’, leaders discover their own answers for creating more of what they want.

ABOUT Christine

Christine builds on 20 years of experience working with organizations wanting to effect sustainable growth through building brands rooted in core values. 


Her work focuses on a company’s cultural health, guiding people to navigate the terrain of their most conscious presence through mindful awakening. ‘When we wake up to our present moment awareness, our innate genius has a way to fully embody and express.’

Her work in the U.S. and internationally has given her extensive experience in co-creating what companies need in order to thrive; uncovering the unique qualities that bring lasting relevance to business planning and brand development. 


She has experience in culture shift with internationally recognized brands including R.H. Macy & Co., Shearson Lehman Brothers, Microsoft, American Express, Barney’s New York, Federated Department Stores, TLR Eclectic, The Landmark Group, and Mercy Health Systems.

She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University. She holds post-graduate certifications in Awakened Leadership from Awake At Work Institute, The Center For Sacred Leadership, and Return To Center.


Rocío Durán is a psychologist and a certified Life coach with over 20 years of experience in community development projects in, her native Colombia, as well as the United States.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology, and her participation in national projects in Colombia include, among others, working with the Department of National Education (MEN), The Ministry of Technologies of Information and Communications (MINTIC). At the state level, Ms. Durán led the Worlds for Children Project, an initiative that improved educational conditions, services and care for more than 40,000 children from infancy to 4 years in Bogotá city.

Her efforts to shift and empower women’s culture include her work as part of the Week of Women in Colorado team an initiative promoted and developed by the Women’s Foundation and CBS4. She is the co-founder of Latina Leaders and Entrepreneurs, an annual event held in Spanish for the Latino Women and Latina Entrepreneurs, an initiative to train and create the new generation of Latino Women entrepreneurs in Colorado.


Jeff has 20 years of Coaching and Team Building experience with a background in Psychology. He has worked with and built Reorg & Turnaround teams, and created new practices from the ground up, for Startups to Fortune 500 companies. Other clients include Cognizant, Nortel, Amgen, XEROX, SUNY, Pitts Management & Associates, Level 3, US Department of Labor, and Citigroup.

He has had a multifaceted business career

as a Coach, Mentor, CEO, Interim COO,

Entrepreneur, and M&A Advisor Board

Member. This has provided him invaluable experience and practice during 20+ years of team building, working with clients in most Industries, from SMBs to multi-billion-

dollar companies.

Jeff is results oriented, constantly focusing

on what works. Thinking creatively, he finds the best questions for each challenge.

Jeff helps individuals and executive teams tap into what they already know, exploring solutions without boundaries, and discovering how to create the success they want, with lasting results