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That GROWS  Itself

We help teams UNLEARN what’s keeping them stuck, release their untapped genius, and awaken to innovation never yet imagined — 


with no resistance, no disruption, no downtime

If staff infighting, apathy, and absenteeism are paralyzing your business …

You're Not Alone

As a leader in your company, chances are you know this only too well.

  • Maybe you’ve tried EVERYTHING to create an innovative and supportive culture — with little or no lasting success (even before the pandemic!) …

  • Or perhaps the pressure of having to personally motivate your whole team every day of the week is keeping you up at night …

  • Or maybe you’re just plain tired of being stuck in a fruitless cycle of disengagement and disillusion …

If any of this is resonating,

you’re in the right place.

Because at the Institute for Unlearning, we help transform workplace cultures

— from resistant to resilient

— from conflicted to connected

— from high-maintenance to super-high-performance.


And when we show you how, it will change the way you and your teams do business.



Our Values


“As always, your unique approach to leadership captivated our audience. Please accept our gratitude for such a dynamic presentation and for your expert moderation of our leadership panel. Our members left the session feeling motivated, inspired and empowered to face a daunting time of change.”


Sandy Markwood
Chief Executive Officer
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

“Many members of my team raved about your class yesterday. They were all talking excitedly about how they are going to go home this weekend and experiment with your tools at home in their interactions with their family.”


Jennifer Smith

“Your presentation made great strides in helping my managers understand what it takes to be a good leader. We valued your thoughts, honesty and presentation.”


Richard T. Garcia
Special Agent in Charge

“Your teaching about leading change and working around resistance have such resonance with people here; you can't imagine how much impact your sessions have had in helping people overcome some of the most common obstacles they run into.”


Ann Mladinov
Chair, Senior Fellows Program
Council for Excellence in Government

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Clients We've Served

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