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People don't resist change ... they resist being changed.
In only five steps, leadership visionaries Christine Kahane and Doug Krug reveal a more effective way to navigate today’s complex business world. UNLearning! Leading Change without Resistance is written in its entirety with Human Intelligence. No AI was used in any part.

It’s the book designed for leaders of the 21st century. UNLearning! is the benchmark for organizations seeking resilience and profitability in the fast paced environments of business today. Created for leaders who are ready to make quantum leaps forward by building engaged teams, your insights will include:
• Change does NOT have to be hard!
• It is NOT human nature to resist change.
• People DON’T resist change so much as they resist being changed.

UNLearning! will have your people driving collaboration and innovation. Deeply engaged teams can access potential that’s been suppressed by fix-the-problems conditioning.
Your outcome: an agile culture, and a healthy business.

Kahane and Krug’s UNLearning Factor is a 5-Step challenge that creates a shared remembering environment. Learning happens. Productivity increases. Your company becomes a workplace of choice.

Christine Kahane ... Speaker, Author and CEO of The Institute for UNLearning, Christine excels in working with organizations wanting to effect sustainable growth by building cultures rooted in core values.

Doug Krug ... Resultant and Author, Doug is the pioneering visionary behind the bestselling Enlightened Leadership. His third book, The Missing Piece in Leadership has been used in multiple organizations nationwide with groundbreaking results.

Exclusively available on Kindle here

UNLEARNING: Leading Change Without Resistance

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