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‘If we work together from our similarities instead of our differences, we can transform lives and companies, and build a more inclusive and stronger society.’

Bilingual and Bi-cultural Executive Coach, Leadership Shifter

Rocío Durán is a bilingual Community Psychologist and a certified Life Coach with over 20 years of experience in community development projects in her native Colombia, as well as the US. She is passionate about transforming lives and companies by building bridges between communities and promoting their connection. Her work at The Institute for Unlearning brings together her expertise in community psychology, multicultural programming and bilingual facilitation.

Rocío has participated in various national projects in Colombia including the Department of National Education (MEN), and The Ministry of Technologies of Information and Communications (MINTIC). At the state level, she led the Worlds for Children Project, an initiative that improved educational conditions, services and care for more than 40,000 children from infancy to 4 years in Bogotá city.

Here in the US, she is the co-founder of Latina Leaders and Entrepreneurs, an annual initiative held in Spanish to train a new generation of Latino women entrepreneurs in Colorado, as well as the founder of Latino Entrepreneurs, a support group for minority business owners. In addition, she founded Rocío Life Coach, which focuses on transforming lives and company cultures, and as the co-founder of ShareLingo, she created a new system to learn English and Spanish by sharing cultures. She is also the founder of E-4All, a marketing and social media company for minority-owned businesses, which has a social impact mission — helping
Colombian young professionals to break down the poverty cycle by giving them the opportunity to work and develop their skills while getting well paid.

Rocío has published Teen Colombians, An Anthology of Stories and Testimonials, and ATEES, A 'Mover' of Educational Institutions, and she is co-author of The Institute’s forthcoming book, UNLEARNING: A Revolutionary Way to Lead Today.





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