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“I am inspired by giving voice and being in action to resolve decolonization and indigenization issues. At the Institute we lead with race, and my goal is that peoples who have been invisible now have a safe place to be seen and heard. In this way we will make global social impact.”


As CEO of Zymonetics, Tesla leads a global network consisting of 3000 published clinicians, researchers, and educators with the evidence, expertise, and intent to initiate governance in healthcare that addresses vulnerable populations and disparities in care with total wellbeing management and benefits administration in new ways. Zymonetics is Canada’s first personalized Accountable Care Organization. 

Tesla’s vision is being demonstrated through a dynamic team of clinical researchers and educators inspired to reinvent healthcare and explore our right to self-determination. Zymonetics is defining Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in healthcare and education with a preventative healthcare lens through a vast network of clinics and personalized patient experiences with best-in-class technology.

Tesla is clinically published, with 20 years of experience in executive roles working with billion-dollar healthcare firms such as J&J, Women’s Health, Nestle, Smith & Nephew Orthopedics, and Roche Pharmaceuticals. She served as CIO of Canada’s first health condo and biohacking assisted-living center for elders and started her consulting firm, Zymonetics, with a vision for accelerating healthcare disruption and the adoption of personalized medicine (PM) as a new social contract for health.

She served on the Global Wellness Institute, Women in Leadership Initiative and is most inspired by mentorship. Tesla served as an Imagination Catalyst mentor at OCAD University, mentored at Canada’s Undergraduate “Big Data Challenge” STEM Fellowship, and the Ontario School for Social Entrepreneurs.

As an evidence-based technology leader, Tesla’s focus is justice, equity, access, and value-based outcomes. Recent projects include Soaring with Roche and global stakeholders to identify Canada’s top health challenges and Canada Health 2030 focused on personalized healthcare and a new social contract for health.





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